How do you two idiots even survive?

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  1. "Jensen also talked about Dean’s death scene in the S9 finale […] He liked that it was quiet. They chose to make it quiet, and the quiet simplicity of it only made it that much more horrifying. That much more real. Jensen played Dean’s reaction to being stabbed as shock, because that’s what would probably happen in real life. People lose an arm or a leg, they don’t yell and scream, they go into shock, not moving, not fighting. It’s not what we expect of Dean – we always expect him to come back swinging, grab for a knife, fight back. Or for Sam to get there just in time and swoop in and cut off the bad guy’s head. This time, none of that happened. The moment played out, almost in slow motion, almost silent except for the whoosh of Dean’s breath as his lungs are punctured, the grisly sucking sound of his flesh being pierced."

    On Jensen’s acting in S9 Finale. M&G, Vancon 2014 [x]   (via deangirl)

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  2. queerbriel:

    welcome to womens clothing where the sizes are made up and the measurements don’t matter

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  3. For some reason I really REALLY want to see Cas and a cat...talking maybe?



    Every time people say animals don’t have feelings, I show them this.

    25 Of The Best Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom

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    Something tells me Gabriel wouldn’t be worried… 

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  4. kanyes-wife:

    i hate looking ugly the first time i meet someone like wait i can do better than this i swear

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    Gotta raise up that Gay-Point-Average

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